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However, rogaine minoxidil is no longer expensive, and if you have thin areas in your beard, or areas where your beard has lost hair, i would definitely try rogaine minoxidil , twice daily for 6 months.

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But beware if you happen to be one of the people who absorb rogaine very easily and use it in the front of your scalp it has a great tendency to deform your face do a search on pseudoacromegaly.

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Sawaya mentioned that the main reason behind that decision was due to the fact that based on annual sales of propecia finasteride and rogaine minoxidil , it was unlikely that dutasteride would ever become a blockbuster drug with sales of over 500 million.

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Obviously, this presents a problem for users that wish to apply their rogaine in the morning just before they have to go to work.

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While rogaine is a lifelong commitment, it is much less expensive than other hair loss treatments and options that are available for people today.

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